My Network Connection

Bonjour. Salut. Coucou. It is too late to say Bonne Année. But the thought is what counts. I have been so busy with multiple guest appearances on cooking shows, gardening programs, and working on my new book — The True Meaning of These Two Words: Rural France. My editor is hounding me for chapters 1 […]

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My Freshman Year

Being a freshman in high school is nothing I try hard to remember. I’m sure I was chubby and pimples were scattered like seeds. I had bad crushes on Todd Newman and Paul LaValle, didn’t make the cheerleading team, and seriously struggled in mathematics and accounting. Being a freshman at Villanova University is nothing I […]

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Le Jardin

I am not showing you the Luxembourg Gardens, in Paris. So relax. I have not even been to them. Sometimes I think you kind people are waiting for such a post…where I photograph and go into detail about a cultural, artistic, or dining experience, here in France. But the way I see it is this: […]

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I Have a Dream….

To move to a country where the cost of living is deemed very affordable is very expensive. It starts with a dream and I can promise you that this one is not free. But beginnings are usually always sweet, and a couple of bucks donated to Jeff Bezos’s Space Odyssey are insignificant. You need a […]

Le Blues de Lundi

The french are practical and frugal people. The whole romance thing pertains to a very small part of the population. The goal is to relax and live simply, but well. Many have mastered the art of working effectively in a short period of time to enjoy the leisure they so covet. Think long lunches savoring […]