My Network Connection

Bonjour. Salut. Coucou. It is too late to say Bonne Année. But the thought is what counts. I have been so busy with multiple guest appearances on cooking shows, gardening programs, and working on my new book — The True Meaning of These Two Words: Rural France. My editor is hounding me for chapters 1 […]

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My Freshman Year

Being a freshman in high school is nothing I try hard to remember. I’m sure I was chubby and pimples were scattered like seeds. I had bad crushes on Todd Newman and Paul LaValle, didn’t make the cheerleading team, and seriously struggled in mathematics and accounting. Being a freshman at Villanova University is nothing I […]

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Le Jardin

I am not showing you the Luxembourg Gardens, in Paris. So relax. I have not even been to them. Sometimes I think you kind people are waiting for such a post…where I photograph and go into detail about a cultural, artistic, or dining experience, here in France. But the way I see it is this: […]

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Painstakingly Renovated – Part Two

A FLOCK OF GEESE   During our wonderful month in Lot-et-Garonne, we knew we would love to live there. It is an agricultural area, to be sure, with fields for growing I do not know what yet, that are angular in every way imaginable. It is like a puzzle. They sleep for the winter all […]

Painstakingly Renovated – Part One

There is no shortage of stories about how an individual or family decided to chuck it all, purchase a rambling stone farmhouse in the French countryside, and relocate with the purpose of a complete renovation of the property, and a wonderful new life. There is also no shortage of tales of the calamities that befell […]


Years ago, after a hideous boyfriend was in my life for too long, I got some help from a family therapist to sort out the how’s and why’s, so the how’s and why’s would never happen again. Some time after that, when life had turned around and I had met and committed to the one […]

About Time

They say time heals everything. That time is of the essence. We kill time, we save time, we lose time and we have all time in the world…..except that we don’t. But I think, to the French bureaucracy, that time is just, well, time. And several times they have used up a lot of mine. […]

All About Sable

I have had black labs named Rachel Dear and Sabrina Faire, and a snow white lab named Truly Scrumptious Stella. All registered AKC names. The current, and most likely last lab, is Bank’s Truly Scrumptious Sable Lining. A big name for a special dog. If you do not have a pet you love, or do […]

A Little Story About A Little Car

When in France, drive a french car. We are on far too many tiny country roads going through tiny country hamlets, and I want to know that if needed, any mechanic will recognize the vehicle. And get parts needed in a timely manner. Which means who knows how long, in France…. We need a car. […]

The Pancake Party

I have been to a birthday party. I have been to a Tupperware party. I have been to a bachelorette party, NYE party, keg party, and costume party. I have NEVER been to a sex toy party(I hear its a thing). Yesterday afternoon we went to a pancake party. In our honor, to welcome us […]


Out here, in the countryside, internet is a luxury. I write this from the lovely couple’s house who live next door. They are British, and today they are taking us on a field trip to get the necessary items so we can utilize the dump. Now that is nice. They will also introduce Howard to […]

It Will be Worth the Wait…

I know you want to see pictures like this. I do too! The fact is, we are winding down to Kiss and Fly, with just a few more headaches to soothe. Carvana and BMW were a 3 ring circus, but Howard is driven by the art of the deal and there was no way he […]

Stress vs. French Stress

There is stress and then there is French stress. No one can give a straight answer. No one can get a straight answer. And as soon as you get what you think just might be an answer that everyone can live with, it is the correct answer, until it is not. Everyone has a different […]