Le Blues de Lundi

The french are practical and frugal people. The whole romance thing pertains to a very small part of the population. The goal is to relax and live simply, but well. Many have mastered the art of working effectively in a short period of time to enjoy the leisure they so covet. Think long lunches savoring that bottle of wine and a very animated chat with a good friend. Sounds perfect.

Coming from leaving lights on in every room and three televisions with cable and ROKU, I thought the tracking of expenses would be an interesting commentary, and test.

Paris, Provence, and Bordeaux are expensive. We will not be living there. The countryside less so. We will be living there.

Research turns up very attractive prices on real estate, property taxes, insurances, and cheese. Annual golf dues are so inexpensive we can join two clubs! Health Insurance is largely free, with your premium based on a specific formula involving your income. and according to the WHO, the best in the world. That is all Howard needed to hear.

I should make a note that cars, gas, and appliances are legendary for being astronomical. Stay tuned.

And so, on a random Monday, Lundi, just for reference, kicks, and to perhaps help a fellow expat, I will track expenses worth noting. Never any fun and thus….The Monday Blues.

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