It Will be Worth the Wait…

I know you want to see pictures like this. I do too! The fact is, we are winding down to Kiss and Fly, with just a few more headaches to soothe. Carvana and BMW were a 3 ring circus, but Howard is driven by the art of the deal and there was no way he was losing out on $5000.

Carmax and Subaru are vying for the Sable mobile. My beloved and very purposeful Crosstrek will move on to a new owner who will not love it as I did. I am doomed to drive some tiny thimble of a car in France.

Moving abroad accentuates and accelerates the daily act of living.  Multiple medical appointments, teeth cleanings, prescription refills and mastering Good RX so I can net as many drugs as possible, bypassing insurance. Howard, hours on the phone with medicare, altering his plan, faking long term vacations in order to override refill requirements, again netting as many drugs as possible.

Arranging mail pickup, consolidating bank accounts, canceling insurances, changing all bills to online payment. We have been hopelessly old school.

Facial care including laser, exfoliation, and the non-negotiable, Botox. Skin care products…I am being ridiculous. I am moving to the country of skincare. French women go without food before they go without night cream. I have as many products as Howard has hoodies.

Scanning important papers, ordering multiple documents from various clerk offices…copies of divorce degrees, birth certificates, Social Security cards, marriage certificates, ALL with the necessary raised seal, for authenticity. The French want the real deal. And the French want to know all about you and your past.

Veterinary services to ensure Sable’s acceptance at Charles de Gaul Airport. Livestock, domestic dogs included, fly through Paris. All paperwork goes up to Albany, NY.  We operate within a 10 day window, to the hour, with certified USDA paperwork. Or back to the USA she goes. So FedEx overnight here, FedEx overnight there, FedEx, FedEx, FedEx….North Carolina, which I would consider a farming type state, has no US Department of Agriculture office. Am I surprised?

Drivers Licenses….a story for another day.  Let’s just say we have been driving very carefully and slowly.


The list is endless, but doable. And time is flying, and next Friday we will be, too.  Which means soon I will be peppering you with Apple iphone 12 photographs, enhanced with snapseed. These are not them.




9 thoughts on “It Will be Worth the Wait…

  1. Well written. Look forward to the next installment.

  2. Avatar Jan Hart says:

    Laura Lee, I’m so excited for you guys and all the new adventures!

  3. Avatar Beth Thompson says:

    Best of luck to you and Howard on this new chapter. I hope it’s everything you hoped for and more!

  4. Avatar Jenny Van Stone says:

    Love it! I’ll be on the lookout for pro tips. I can’t wait to meet you there next year. Bonne chance!

  5. Avatar Lynn Stewart says:

    Finally figured this out with Beth’s help! Loved the read…and excited to hear more!

  6. Avatar Meg Vogel says:

    So cool!!! I’m thrilled for you and am ready to hear all about your adventures. With this blog, I’ve already leaned so much! 💕💕💕

  7. Avatar Diane says:

    Best of Luck!! Love the pictures. Looking forward to reading about your journey and seeing all your beautiful pictures 💜

  8. Avatar Diane says:

    Best of luck! Beautiful pictures, looking forward to seeing many more along your journey! 💜

  9. Avatar Jeanne Nielsen says:

    Love it, will follow it, if I can find it again! You know me. I know you are a mere 6 hours from boarding the plane and Sable 3 hours from starting her journey to come out of the belly of that beast of a plane and meet you on the other side in France. I cant figure out where Dana lives. Checked out a map of France today, Paris, drive 3 hours south to Limoge and then 3 hours south of there….Montpelier on the coast? Maybe that’s where Dana is. Sounds beachy and inviting. Get there safely and enjoy the month of November in what I picture in my as a whimsical , fun place and then… breathe…xo

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