Change is Good

Out of the blue, one day, a friend called and told me she knew the Executive Director of LongHouse Reserve, a stunning sculpture garden in East Hampton, NY, and that he needed some help. And she thought of me. Simply because she felt that the two of us would do well together.

I was not looking for any employment, but as I age I am getting more daring, and so I called him. He needed a Grant Writer. I had zero experience, except that I love to dash off little stories like the one your are reading, and I went on the interview.

Which was harrowing. Amidst a bustling little office he asked me to sit down and write a letter for fundraising. I am computer illiterate, so asking me to work on a PC instead of a Mac was enough to make me thankful for my blood pressure medication. He emailed later in the day to share that everybody thought the letter was strong, and could I return tomorrow.

I did. The first thing he said, in front of 3 ladies sitting at their desks was, ‘my staff is asking me why I would hire an esthetician and massage therapist to be our Grant Writer.’ It was a fair question, to which I wanted to reply – I am suffering with Imposter Syndrome. I have no qualifications to be here, I can’t believe my friend Susan put me in this ridiculous situation, and I need a stiff drink…..

But instead I squeaked out, ‘I have other sides to me that I always look to promote, and I reserve the right to reinvent myself at any time.’

I got the job and it was one of the happiest and most fulfilling times of my life.

My gift to myself from the Vide Grenier in Bellac, this morning. To celebrate my new blog…

And so, a change. A reinvention, if you will. My old space, Fields of Poppies, just didn’t feel comfortable. With one good reason being I have yet to see a poppy flower in France, but for the photo my friend Jenny posted of her dog Sophie peeing on poppies, down in Aix-en-Provence. I always tell the truth.

Back to the point. We have settled in the northern region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in the department of the Haute Vienne. The principal prefecture is Limoges – the premier manufacturing city of porcelain, in France. The earth is rich in clay and the River Vienne provides the hydration necessary for the hard paste craftsmanship. Limoges porcelain boasts a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), and I feel like this blog does too.

I hope you enjoy the new site. I hope you enjoy my little stories about endeavoring to live in rural France. As ever, a constant work in progress, a honing of skills, if you will. Like a porcelain artisan…

Proof Positive…

25 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. Avatar Nelle says:

    L2 – love this new blog and loved the other one. Whatever makes you happy. Keep reinventing yourself. We have to get together! XO!

  2. Avatar Rita Fennell says:

    Looking fabulous Laura Lee, you’re quite right change is good even if it’s a bit scary. What a great way to start the blog’s reinvention with a beautiful piece of porcelain, you’ve got to love a vide grenier. Looking forward to your vignettes on French life!

  3. Avatar Lynn Stewart says:

    Laur…you are blossoming!! Terrific writing and great attitude! Love you!

  4. Avatar Maggie Wilson says:

    I loved reading this xxx

    1. I’m so glad. I am always a little tongue in cheek, but I am so happy to be here!

  5. Avatar Martha says:

    Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the sun, except change.”
    Makes sense to switch gears when you feel the tug. Bravo! Keep writing -as I am living vicariously through you and Howard!

    1. So good to hear from you, Martha! My French is coming right along. Howard’s….more dueling, but at least he can asl where the restrooms are!

  6. Avatar JMyers says:

    “..and I reserve the right to reinvent myself at any time.” Is exactly why I love you!

    1. awww. That I a true story. I pulled that one out of thin air!

  7. Avatar Beth says:

    This will be so delightful!! I’m so glad to see your new site! You are brave and living fully💗

    1. wish you were here to take my photos for me!

  8. Avatar Lisa Bamford says:

    Loving your reinvention!

    1. Like I said….a work in constant progress…

  9. Avatar Laurie says:

    Change is almost always good. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Working on it now, Laurie. Miss you.

  10. Avatar Renee O says:

    Can’t wait to hear more👏

    1. Thank you Renee. Sable is so happy here! Lots of woodland walks, lizards to chase, and farm animals to meet…

  11. Avatar Joan Antonson Zarnick says:

    I am so happy your sister give me your site! My Sister was a French teacher in St.Joseph, Michigan. She took her Masters in Paris at the University! She is very Fluent in French and has taken her Students to Paris countless times. I enjoyed your blogs! I saw your picture,I must say my GreatGranddaughter McClain has your looks, just like her Grandmother Moos! Enjoy and chase your dreams! The world is a big place, and you have the right personality, thanks to your Mom and Dad! Enjoy and God Bless you……!

    1. Oh Joan, I am so glad you like it.I think McClain has us ALL beaten in the looks department!

  12. Avatar Patricia Butler says:

    Completely enjoy your writing and love your adventurous spirit.

    1. Thanks Patti! Many days I pinch myself…

  13. Avatar Beth Moos says:

    Truly TERRIFIC!!

    1. Thank you. French etiquette lesson coming your way…

  14. Avatar Karen says:

    I love what you said when they asked why they should hire you!! I can hear you saying that 🙂 Also, I love the little plate you bought – beautiful.

    1. I love my little plate too. They retail for about 42 euros. I got it for 10! You are a very important part of my move to France!

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