Painstakingly Renovated – Part Three

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS   To start, I do not even like the name of a town called Fumel. It is ugly. It makes me think of vile fumes and smoking, since the verb ‘to smoke’ in french is fumer. I am also reminded of purchasing my first home, in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Like any […]

Painstakingly Renovated – Part Two

A FLOCK OF GEESE   During our wonderful month in Lot-et-Garonne, we knew we would love to live there. It is an agricultural area, to be sure, with fields for growing I do not know what yet, that are angular in every way imaginable. It is like a puzzle. They sleep for the winter all […]


Years ago, after a hideous boyfriend was in my life for too long, I got some help from a family therapist to sort out the how’s and why’s, so the how’s and why’s would never happen again. Some time after that, when life had turned around and I had met and committed to the one […]