A Little of This and That

It is not as if I am living the high life, but I am truly pooped from all the jazzing around we do. Everyday it is something.

Golf, coffee at Cherrylynne’s, a vide grenier, Mother’s Day on the river, a cook out at Rita and Allen’s, this brocante, that brocante, a trip to the doctor, a trip to the pharmacy, a beer here, a beer there, Limoges for things for the house, a market in Chauvigny, quiz night in Chaillac, meeting with builders and tradespeople, the notaire’s office, panaches with Lynda and Ian, a plant fair, dinner with Valerie and Reg, tea with Michael, Pizza at Ruth’s, a new brasserie for soup, a boulangerie here, there, and everywhere, an aperitif at Damian’s house, helping Tracey and Paul to bottle feed 52 lambs, we must get the car serviced, a stop off to see Kenny and the gang at Velo Violette, and always, always, french lessons, studying, Duolingo….we even played Bingo one night and I won a lemon scented candle. Mais Oui!

Twins and triplets this season have exhausted the ewes. All hands on deck, 3 times a day.

Our oldest wants us to travel more. All we want is to get into our new home and let it be Christmas morning, opening all of our boxes that have been in storage for close to a year. We are nesters. We are sick and tired of living out of suitcases. We are traveling back to the States in 2 weeks, and I am a wreck. Too many planes, trains, and automobiles. I am so annoyed that I already want to be back in France. I hate living with the thought ‘I just can’t wait to get to…June 9th’ when all this jet setting will be finished. And we can stop missing Sable.

This dog…we can’t wait for her to settle in her new domain. She is loved by all who meet her.
3 km from our new home is Le Dorat. We are starting to really connect with the community.

But seeing children, grandchildren, friends, we knew, on this adventure, we would have to make the effort. Time has marched on. The oldest has a newly renovated house in Charleston to see, our second’s business is booming, our third oldest and her husband have fabulous new jobs to toast, our fourth and fifth have first homes to visit, our sixth is about to move abroad again, another high school graduate to celebrate with number 2 grandchild, and number 5 grandchild has turned 12. We may not see 6 and 7, which breaks our hearts. I can’t wait to see my sisters at my nephew’s wedding. But one determination has been made…next year we fly the kids to see us. We stay put, they get a European vacation. Brilliant.

Always leave a few extra minutes…tractors, sheep, cattle….you just never know.
We made fast friends with Ivan, in Magnac Laval. A large selection of wines, and he will open virtually any bottle for you to taste. And taste, and taste, and taste…He gifted us this one, and it has become a favorite.

Then. Pack up and clean this tiny Gite that we have managed to stuff with all of the little treasures we have found. Close on the house. Bonne Chance to us! Careen through the countryside in our rented Le Clere van with the contents of this Gite, to offload before we run out of the allotted time. 9 euros a day for the van, take THAT Payless Car Rental which is charging us 600 plus, for 3 days in the USA. The wonderful Peter and Janice, who have been so kindly storing our bedroom set we purchased from their fabulous antique store, will deliver it all later that day, as I desperately want to sleep in my new french cottage the same night that we take ownership. Peter will also hang 2 chandeliers. I have promised them some champagne…

The French will put a garden anywhere they can fit one. Flowers are very important to daily pleasure.

And then our 20 foot container will arrive the next morning. And 2 weeks later our oldest and Ruth arrive to stay for 4 days. It is a lot. And in all of that, we simply must apply for the next visa, for the next year. So let the collection of necessary paperwork begin. We are now totally immersed in the french system with healthcare, banking, car, insurances, house, etc…all of this works in our favor. France wants our business.

Mother’s Day Sunday fun day. Rancon, France.

We miss our friends in Lot-et-Garonne. We want to get down there for a visit. They are all my first french loves…

Howard has fallen for this beautiful bay horse. We met her driving home from dinner one night. For him to ask to take her carrots and sugar cubes means he is really smitten. As he is afraid of horses.

So, getting ready to return to America, I thought about what I have missed. In no particular order.


  1. Our daughter Yarissa’s laugh. And all of our children and grandchildren. They are all unique and very dear to us. Family is everything. Siblings included.
  2. Black Jelly Beans.
  3. Going to the movies. Can’t wait for popcorn, cherry coke, and trailers.
  4. Playing a round with my golf gang. And then eating and drinking with them.
  5. Swimming laps.
  6. Less expensive gasoline.
  7. My work colleagues. They always made me laugh hard, work hard, and they could keep a secret.
  8. Boat rides with friends on the lake. Always fun, relaxing, and beautiful.
  9. The beaches in the Hamptons along with Jeanne and Mayda.
  10. Air conditioning.

See you mid-June!  Stay cool.

10 thoughts on “A Little of This and That

  1. Avatar Gail Pudaloff says:

    MERVEILLEUX ma chere Laura Lee!! LIFE IS Busy and that surely keeps you and Howard on your toes…to say the least! As Life is also so full, you feel ”filled up” and that’s wonderful! Your ‘Maison’ and all that goes with it sounds exciting and will be an added ‘adventure’ to your Lives, to be sure!

    Have fun @ The Wedding and amongst your N. Carolina Pals…..while reminiscing about this/that….he/she….and before you know it, you’ll be heading back to beautiful and scenic France while processing how you want/need to ”manage your new MAISON!” MERVEILLEUX…ENCORE UNE FOIS!!!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your upcoming Pics … from ”Home/USA” as well as ”Home/LA FRANCE”!!

    much love, health and F-U-N ~


  2. Avatar Renee O says:

    Safe travels. FYI we are expecting Pearls first litter, possibly this weekend. Sable is so like her except Sable has better manners I am sure. Thanks again for giving Sable such a great life👏

  3. Avatar Ali says:

    The sheep are so cute!!

  4. So you’ve finally found your french home. Very happy for you. And a tiny bit envious as I will always miss France.
    Your articles are so engaging
    Bon courage!

  5. Avatar Teresa Faulkner says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m exhausted just reading all that you do…you will calm down I promise…miss a tuesday night rose or two with you but we will catch up soon…safe travels to the states, enjoy your family and as we say round here “A bientot” ps would do the little hat on the “o” but not sure how to with my english keyboard!!!!!!

  6. Avatar Nancy Ridenhour says:

    I enjoy reading what all you are doing and learning. It sounds exciting!

  7. Avatar Jill G says:

    I love all of this! You have a wonderful voice…I can feel it all! So happy for you guys and this beautiful new life you are building. What an adventure.

  8. Avatar Jill G says:

    I love all of this! You have a wonderful voice…I can feel it all!

  9. Avatar Lynn Stewart says:

    Thank you for coming back to the States!! I can’t wait to see you!! Love!!

  10. Avatar Dana Dolan says:

    You have packed an amazing amount into your time here. Good for you! You are right to already being annoyed at the planes and automobiles you will have to deal with. I was exhausted going back and forth to Greece.
    You have made so many friends and have a lively social life. No wonder you’re exhausted. Soon you will be settled into your new home. A bientôt!

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