A Little of This and That

It is not as if I am living the high life, but I am truly pooped from all the jazzing around we do. Everyday it is something. Golf, coffee at Cherrylynne’s, a vide grenier, Mother’s Day on the river, a cook out at Rita and Allen’s, this brocante, that brocante, a trip to the doctor, […]

We Need to Remember

I did not know, when I moved to France, of a little village named Oradour-sur-Glane. I want to, for my ease of thinking and typing, to shorten this to OSG, but, that would be disrespectful. I usually write with a glib sense of humor, some tongue in cheek. I think I got this from my […]

Change is Good

Out of the blue, one day, a friend called and told me she knew the Executive Director of LongHouse Reserve, a stunning sculpture garden in East Hampton, NY, and that he needed some help. And she thought of me. Simply because she felt that the two of us would do well together. I was not […]