About Time

They say time heals everything. That time is of the essence. We kill time, we save time, we lose time and we have all time in the world…..except that we don’t. But I think, to the French bureaucracy, that time is just, well, time. And several times they have used up a lot of mine. […]

All About Sable

I have had black labs named Rachel Dear and Sabrina Faire, and a snow white lab named Truly Scrumptious Stella. All registered AKC names. The current, and most likely last lab, is Bank’s Truly Scrumptious Sable Lining. A big name for a special dog. If you do not have a pet you love, or do […]

A Little Story About A Little Car

When in France, drive a french car. We are on far too many tiny country roads going through tiny country hamlets, and I want to know that if needed, any mechanic will recognize the vehicle. And get parts needed in a timely manner. Which means who knows how long, in France…. We need a car. […]