The Pancake Party

I have been to a birthday party. I have been to a Tupperware party. I have been to a bachelorette party, NYE party, keg party, and costume party. I have NEVER been to a sex toy party(I hear its a thing). Yesterday afternoon we went to a pancake party. In our honor, to welcome us […]


Out here, in the countryside, internet is a luxury. I write this from the lovely couple’s house who live next door. They are British, and today they are taking us on a field trip to get the necessary items so we can utilize the dump. Now that is nice. They will also introduce Howard to […]

It Will be Worth the Wait…

I know you want to see pictures like this. I do too! The fact is, we are winding down to Kiss and Fly, with just a few more headaches to soothe. Carvana and BMW were a 3 ring circus, but Howard is driven by the art of the deal and there was no way he […]